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Parce Rum - Uncompromised Quality

Uncompromised Quality


Arthur and Brojen developed an exclusive blending process to craft aged rums that would delight the palates of both Colombians and international spirits aficionados.

Each expression is carefully blended so that every bottle remains true to each line’s vision and flavor profile. When necessary, we’ll add small amounts of caramel and sugar sourced only from sugar cane itself— not unlike cognac. Given the complexity of finding the perfect balance between light and heavy rums to create our signature 8-Year and 12-Year rums, additions are batch-dependent, and only added at a level to maintain quality consistency between each and every batch we craft. After rigorous and detailed quality control, Arthur & Brojen test and approve all batches before the final stage of the blending process.

Eco Friendly

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Beyond creating exceptional rums, Parce is committed to the ecological well-being of Colombia.

With each bottle you purchase, Parce helps in the reforestation of Colombia by planting native species trees across the country. Together with Contreebute, Parce has planted over 22,000 trees to date, with many more to come. 

Parce Rum - Colombia

Colombia is sacred


Parce was founded by three brothers who simply put, were quite taken with Colombia.


Inspired by its beauty and the warmth and hospitality of its people, they wanted to share the time-honored tradition of celebrating quality rum with others. The brothers found the perfect partners in a father-and-son duo of master blenders from Bogota. Arthur and Brojen Fernandes Domecq have a combined history of more than 50 years working with fine rum.