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In Colombia,
“parce” is casual for “good friend.”


Parce was founded by three brothers who simply put, were quite taken with Colombia.

Inspired by its beauty and the warmth and hospitality of its people, they wanted to share the time-honored tradition of celebrating quality rum with others. The brothers found the perfect partners in a father-and-son duo of master blenders from Bogota.

Arthur and Brojen Fernandes Domecq have a combined history of more than 50 years working with fine rum.

The Domecq family boasts nearly three centuries of crafting traditional wine, sherry and brandy in the south of Spain. Brojen's grandfather, Jose Ignacio Domecq, was known in the industry as "La Nariz" (the nose) for his expertise in sniffing and blending. La Nariz's legacy lives on in Colombia with Brojen and Arthur's innate understanding of rum derived from pure ingredients, then carefully aged.


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proud to be parceros

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